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District Message

Dear Parents, The year is off and running for another great year at Jubilee Academic Center Inc. Many exciting events are taking place this year, such as, adding the fourth and fifth grade levels at Alpha Academy, increasing the number of students served at Glad Tidings, to beginning the initial construction phase at the main campus. None of these events could have occurred without your support and commitment to our students, faculty and administration! I have often said that at least one adult must be involved in their child's education in order to attain a high level of student success. Your child's success ensures that our Charter District will continue to grow for years to come. I would like to welcome you to our Charter District's Parent Portal! By using our school's parent portal, all parents have access to one more tool that can ensure that we are informed of our child's progress in our schools at a moments notice. I encourage you to access the parent portal to stay informed of your child's progress and develop another line of communication with the entire faculty at Jubilee Academic Center Inc. Together we can ensure that your son or daughter has a successful year at Jubilee Academic Center Inc. Sincerely, Daniel G. Amador, Superintendent